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New Lighting increases achievement in schools and at home – And it is available to you and your children.

A recent article entitled: “Learning the Hard Way: The Poor Environment of America’s Schools" claims that “Children across the country are being subjected to a variety of environmental dangers at school…" including lighting. According to the article, “research has also shown that there is a significant effect of poor lighting on children’s ability to learn. Sunlight is important for human health. Children who spend large amounts of time in artificial lighting may be missing out on some of sunlight’s benefits."

According to the article, lights or lamps which mimic natural daylight improve learning conditions and are far superior to the current, 70 year-old technology of “cool-white" fluorescent ceiling lights. “For example…(the article states)…a two-year study of six schools in Johnston County, North Carolina, compared children attending schools with full-spectrum light with those attending traditionally lit classrooms. Students in full-spectrum light were healthier overall and attended school 3.2 to 3.8 days more per year. They also exhibited more positive moods. The study also showed that libraries with superior light had significantly lower noise levels. A study of students in Capistrano School District in Orange County, California showed that students in classrooms with the most natural light progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in one year that those with the least amount of daylight."

Pediatrician Doris Rapp, M.D. states in her best selling book, Is This Your Child’s World?, that “The best lighting for shools (and elsewhere) is natural light. But in many classrooms, students spend about six hours a day beneath (cool white) fluorescent lights. These ordinary fluorescent lights can emit X-rays, radiation and radio waves – emissions that can decrease productivity and cause fatigue, confusion, eyestrain, irritability, depression and hyperactivity in some sensitive children (and adults…. A study of one classroom concluded that hyperactivity declined by 33 percent when full spectrum lighting ( replaced fluorescent lights."

As reported in the book, The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed by Dr. L.D. Martel, the Arco, Idaho elementary school replaced old, cool-white fluorescent bulbs with the new full spectrum lights from and saw their special education student referrals drop 66%, while increasing performance on state test scores. They also reported that staff and teacher eyestrain, headaches, anxiety and other illnesses were reduced as a result. In a North Carolina High School, Principal Steve Gaskins reported replacing the outmoded lights with Bluemax™ full spectrum lights from and saw student state test scores rise from 40 % passing to 70% passing in just two years.

At a historic High School in the United States in urban Baltimore, Md., retired Army Col. And senior instructor, Jim McGrory, replaced the lights with the new innovative daylight bulbs from and wrote, “I installed the full spectrum lights recommended by Dr. Martel…. I had a number of Attention Deficit…students…who were always moving around the room and not concentrating on their assignments. I was amazed that from the first day I turned on the full spectrum lights, these…students…stayed in their seats and on task…."

On a personal basis, an academic tutor, V. Udrys, wrote to the inventor of the lamp, Mike Nevins, which brings daylight indoors: “Your (Lamp) is wonderful. As a tutor, I spend too much time within the house. My eyes had grown “dim" tired and sensitive to light. I longed for sunlight, but needed to wear tints, even at home. The first day I couldn’t get enough of the lamp. My eyes felt better immediately! I liked these produces so much I have purchased three more and located them on each level of our home."

Why do these lights and lamps work so well?

I spoke with the inventor, Mr. Mike Nevins of Jackson, Michigan. He said that the “BlueMax Lamps have a special blend of phosphors which mimic sunlight. Consequently, the pupil in the eye is reduced in size and can see clearer with less strain. Also, this lamp stimulates a newly discovered “photo-receptor" which reduces frustration, anxiety and stress." He went on to detail the structure of this new innovation, saying that: “All lamps come with a brand new, special blend of five color phosphors in a 70 full spectrum light bulb. This special blend has been documented in research labs to enable people to perform tasks better and to see crisp, clear colors as they appear outdoors under the noon-day sunlight. Although equal to a 300 watt halogen, the 70 watt BlueMax light has no heat and uses far less energy. In addition, there is a fully dimmable switch which reduces intensity by 90%. This adjustment allows the student to adjust light to the needs and comfort. The overhead ceiling replacements create bright and positive mood for learning, concentration and achievement."

So, whether you or your children are doing school or homework, there is new lighting which can improve performance, test scores and achievement for individuals, as well as entire schools.


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