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Compare ULTRALUX to Nextten, Verilux®, FirstStreet® and Bell & Howell.

Features that are standard with UltraLux HD are not even available with other products.

Not all lights are created equal!

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  See the BlueMax advantages below!
70 Watt Lamp
UltraLux™ 36 Watt Lamp Bell+Howell
Sunlight Lamp
Sun White®
Watts 70 36 27 27
Kelvin Temp. 5900K 5900K 5800K 6400K
C.R.I. 96 91 85 82
Average Lamp Hours 10,000 10,000 5000 5000
Approx Lumens 4,300 2,400 1400 1400
Considered a "Full Spectrum" Lamp* NO NO
Proven to Help You See Better! [Click] NO NO
BlueMaxFeatures Compared to other leading brands are listed below
Fully Dimmable N/A N/A
Patented BlueMax
Dimmable Electronic
Ballast System
Low EMF tested Ballast N/A N/A
High CRI full spectrum bulb N/A N/A
BlueMaxTechnology 6-Color Enriched Phosphors N/A N/A N/A
10,000 Lux 13" 5000 Lux 23" N/A N/A N/A
100% Metal Construction N/A N/A N/A
Warranty Life 2 Yrs 2 Yrs 1 Yr
Bulb Warranty 1 Yr 1 Yr None None

*Advertised as "new and improved" lamps
Verilux® and Happy Eyes® are registered trademarks of Verilux®, Inc.

  • High Output 36watt full spectrum bulb.  Over 30% brighter.

  • Featuring the UltraLux dimmable electronic lighting system (Patent Pending)

"How many times have you felt you just don't get enough light to read or do your work? Well, with the Ultralux floor lamp, my entire work suite lights up like sunlight with relaxing brightness for evening reading or daytime concentration. This quality light is a must for every home and office."
Author and Educator
Laurence D. Martel, Ph.D. President
National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc.

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