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Pay As You Save™ Efficiency Financing

Add to your bottom line...

    Example: Retrofit 4-Lamp UltraLux™ fixtures for 400w HIDs

  • Up front capital cost: $0.00
  • Monthly Electricity Savings ($0.08/kwh): $833.00
  • Monthly Payment Plan (36 mo): $404.00
  • Monthly Positive Cash Flow: $429.00



  • Conserve your working capital to invest in profit generating activities
  • Monthly payments are tax deductible as an operating expense
  • Installation costs can be included in monthly payments
  • Preserve your bank credit lines
  • Offset inflation and receive the fixtures today and pay with tomorrow's, less valuable dollars
  • Payments will be considerably less than the monthly energy savings adding to your bottom line
  • At program end, usually 36 months, you gain the complete energy savings each month
  • Quick approval process, typically 1-2 business days, for amounts from $5000 up to $300k
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