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Light Boxes

Three Reasons Ultralux™ is your best choice for light therapy light boxes:

1. We use True Color full spectrum lights without UV for the highest optical performance. Unfortunately most companies do not use full spectrum lights. Some of the most popular companies use inexpensive (82CRI 4100Kelvin or 3000Kelvin) with poor color rendering and a harsh yellow color which promote eye strain and fatigue. Many companies state that (82CRI 4100Kelvin bulbs) are full spectrum. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our light boxes use high quality full spectrum bulbs with a CRI range of 91 to 96 and Kelvin temperature of 5700 to 5900 which simulates the sun at noon with out any UV. We have the only light that has been tested and proven to increase your visual aquity. Our lights are placed in schools and office buildings every day because of consumer complaints about eye strain and eye fatigue from using the lamps that other companies use in their light boxes. Ultralux™ light bulbs will last at least one to two years depending on the model of lamp you choose while maintaining their effectiveness. We are experts in the healthy lighting industry and specialize in the manufacturing of full spectrum lighting with over eight lines of quality full spectrum lighting products. Our lights are used by schools, psychiatrists, zoos and manufacturing companies world-wide. This is why we are confident that you will not find a higher quality light than our UltraLux™ brand full spectrum light boxes.

2. The only fully dimmable light boxes on the market. UltraLux™ I uses its state of the art Electronic Dimming System and UltraLux™ II uses two settings of 50% and 100%. Many people who use light therapy do not need the full 10,000 Lux for the light to be effective. We have found in our research that longer use at lower settings is much more comfortable and equally effective. If users are not comfortable with the higher settings, they can turn the light down to a setting they choose and may use the light for additional applications like photography, arts & crafts and reading. A Full Spectrum Solutions™ product is your best choice! Why would anyone want to use a light box that does not have an adjustable setting?

3. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers. Both the UltraLux™ I and UltraLux™ II units come with our exclusive lifetime warranty on the fixture and two years on the bulbs. Unlike other companies we are always available if you have any questions or concerns.

Be sure to also check out our very popular 70w BlueMax ™ desk and floor lamp models which can be used in place of a light box.

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Ultralux™ I Light Box
  Light Boxes

The only fully Dimmable Full Spectrum Light Boxes on the market!


Ultralux™ II Light Box
  Light Boxes

One of the most powerful Full Spectrum Light Boxes on the market!


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