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UltraLux I® Light Therapy Box

BlueMax™ 70 Watt Desk Lamp

UltraLux® I
Light Box
UltraLux® II
Light Box
Desk & Floor Lamp
Bio Clock
Model D4040
Per 3/
3 in 1
CRI 91 91 96 82 83
Maximum Distance for
10,000 Lux
15" 30" 18" 5.2" 2.95"
Dimmable 20%-100% 2 Settings 20%-100% No No
Warns of Side Affects No No No Yes Yes
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See The Independent Results Bio Clock Per 3 (formerly Inspiration 3 in 1)
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Testing procedures were done using Color 400 Meter and Solar Ray Light Meter.
All independent testing performed by ETL Laboratories


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