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UltraLux I® Light Therapy Box

BlueMax™ 70 Watt Desk Lamp

UltraLux® I
Light Box
UltraLux® II
Light Box
Desk & Floor Lamp
Bio Clock
Model D4040
Per 3/
3 in 1
Watts Used 88 226 70 7.3 9.29
Kelvin Temp 5700K 5700K 5900K 21044K 70966K
Lamp Model 2-UltraLux
42W UL429150
70W UL709150
70W BL7096595
CRI 91 91 96 83 82
Average Lamp Hours 10,000 10,000 10,000 N/A N/A
Suggested Treatment Range 25" 48" 24" @ 5,000 Lux 5.2 @ 10,000 Lux 2.95" @ 10,000 Lux
Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes Yes No No
Dimmable 20%-100% 2 Settings 20%-100% No No
Program Soft Start Ballast Yes Yes Yes No No
EMF Tested Electric System Yes Yes Yes No No
High Scotopic Lamp Output Yes Yes Yes No No
HD Full Spectrum Lamp Yes Yes Yes No No
Tested For Visual Acuity Yes Yes Yes No No
Metal Body Yes Yes Yes No No
After Image Warning No No No Yes Yes
Warns of Side Affects No No No Yes Yes
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Bio Clock Per 3 (formerly Inspiration 3 in 1)
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Testing procedures were done using Color 400 Meter and Solar Ray Light Meter.
All independent testing performed by ETL Laboratories

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